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Friday, October 15, 2010


doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well
hip hop is having the whole world under its spell
And you better agree cuz it's go hard or go home
The beat's getting stronger, the excitement lasts longer
The presence of rap stars is topping those rockers
go hard or go home, kid
Cuz making it out alive is a hit or miss
In this crazy industry
This crazy crazy world
Where kids grow up fast
Smoking dope doing weed
You can't stop them now you can't do anything
Try as you might it's the only way to be
You think you can change the whole world around?  That, I believe, is only in your dreams.  Too bad so sad...>_>

what is love? really though...what is love?

Love is acceptance.
It's devotion and patience for those whether strong or meek.
Dedication.  loyalty.
It goes far further than lust.  It makes lust obsolete.
Love is just being in and of yourself and when you believe in yourself, the whole world shows that love.
Laughing with everyone who laughs at you is love.
Respecting others' values is love.
Understanding is love.
Everything that's the moral of a fable, or scratch that, just about anything positive can exemplify love. 
it can be seen in so many things. 
The non-judgemental demeanor of animals.
People who are happy in themselves and show that happiness to the world. 
So put away your fears, your what-ifs, what they say about "minding your p's and q's."
One of the sole reasons we were put on this earth is to love.
If you don't believe my definitions, double think it, because there's more to life than just a single dimension or definition of the concept of love.


on a concert night in San Jose...

A concert night
Flashing lights
Paramore played
With energy
Shredding with might
She took on the stage
After three other acts
She was still all the rage.
Hayley Williams at age 20
is one big deal that's nothing funny
The stage tech worked
The maddening crowd
Song after song
I yelled aloud
This concert night in San Jose
was so unreal I could believe it
Everyone's support
And mine as well
Only made the night more swell
And if I had to end this poem right now I'll say
I wish concerts don't have to end so fast like the way they do.
But they do.

don't put that guitar down.

My boyfriend's guitar in his apartment,
He currently hasn't been playing lately.
I can understand.
He can get pretty busy, having college to deal with,
and I'm on my way to my AA degree, so I relate.
But the power of melody,
The beauty of discovering the unknown in random notes,
Can have so much more meaning than one would imagine music to be.
There is heart in my boyfriend's talent.
He has an unsurpassable attention to detail that I am amazed by.
I am inspired, feel close, made whole by his personality.
He used to pick up my guitar that I never play whenever he
visited my apartment and would mess around with his ideas.
I think in his heart he'll always want to become one with his music.
As weird as I put it right there,
Anyway, I try writing song after song and this is one of the titles of the songs
that I haven't yet developed, but mess with the meaning of it if you will, and lets
end the poem there:
Don't put that guitar down.

she is beautiful as the sun sets...

she is beautiful as the sun sets.
her hair reflects the color of the sky as it shines like silk.
you would never know what color it is as it blends like a chameleon,
but whatever color it is,
it must be as ethereal as nature.
She is truly ethereal.
She cries tears as genuine as those of the rain.
And when they go away and her eyes glimmer, double rainbows come out from nowhere.
she is not dark, nor mysterious.  although the latter sometimes defines her,
as she can be unpredictable like nature itself.
She melds with stormy nights.
Her angst agrees with the lightning and the mere brooding body language towards everyone
only strengthens the boom of the thunder.
However, whatever seasons may pass, she remains the same.
She loves winter, favors the beauty of fall, the energy of spring, even the sweltering summer.
And her true colors come out in the night.
Why?  you wonder.
Night has no color.  It does not discriminate.
And she loves that quality.  She is beautiful as the sun sets.  Because the truth of life is just around the corner.

An OdeTO A preface_-x

I don't believe in yesterday
Or the future.
In fact, was there really a five seconds ago?
I'm supposed to be brainwashed that
There are daylight savings times
Certian normal times to go to bed
A dinner, breakfast, and lunch.
*if you have a feeling I'm gonna write some of the dumbest
poetry, DON'T READ IT!
I'd rather you steal my poetry than hate it.
It's rather not poetry
Than spoken thought.
The day of the beatnike
Its making a comebake.
Nothing has to be spelled right.
The comeback is a rebel.
He noeth no reason or rhyme for the rules of poetry.
He says what is thought by his or herrsself to be.
I am her.
That is I am that girl.
The girl who's talking right now.
And I chose to replace my name
From chelsea
to eva
Does it matter in the end?
We probably never had names at one point in existencc.
But I could be wrong, cuz how elses would we be identified?
Remember you old people
If you had a cubbyhole back in the day that is
As a child, it was labeled
Wit your name.
You were most likely lucky to have your name liked
If you weren't it was most likely they stole your lunch money
Or threw you in trash dumps
Which is too bad.
We're all human for pete's sake!
Just remember.
Time is crucial.
Just be natural.
Go on walks in the middle of the night!
Bring a friend and a flashlight.
Look for that land of the lost
Or that UFO that everyone's scared to encounter.
Then go to sleep knowing
You're not that perfect person
Who never touches upon witchcraft
Or wearing their shirts backwards on Monday afternoons.
Being aware that this is enough being ridiculous for one introductory poem,

welcome to me everyone,
this is all of us! on tour.
*source: yoshimoto song title from song heard on  had to cite it
have fun touring your support around, cuz I need it.
Sorry, i'm in a crazy mood 2day
--eva <3